Niek & Guy Wit

About Niek & Guy

NiekTakens & Guyllaume Wibowo know each other from an early age and the both of them were coached by former World Champion of Magic Ger Copper. The two of them also collaborated with the Ashton Brothers. Together they form a great duo in magic, comedy and theater. They are well matched and true professionals in their fields.

"They are two opposites that complement and reinforce each other”

Niek Takens started doing magic at a young age and have won several awards in The Netherlands and abroad. Such as, multiple winner at the Dutch Championships and 1st prizes in France, England,Italy Shanghai & Beijing. Niek also is a regular guest performer in the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, one of the most exclusive clubs in Hollywood.

Guyllaume is a real all-rounder. He has completed the preliminary training of the National Ballet Academy, came in 3rd at the Dutch Championships of Magic and has produced music for various shows and artists. Since 2019 Guyllaume is officially part of the Dutch theater group the ‘Ashton Brothers’.  


Niek & Guy will surprise and amaze the audience with their award winning act.

Music & Theater.

Besides magic Niek & Guy always give their own twist to the acts by combining them with live music & theater.


There is no reason for the audience to get bored because there is enough audience participation during the show of Niek&Guy.

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